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Helping businesses to strategically expand their reach into the UK aftermarket for over 20 years.

How we can help your business

The UK offers immense potential for businesses all around the world who are looking to expand their reach and become recognised in the UK. However, entering a new market in a different country as big as the UK can be complex and challenging due to cultural, legal and operational differences. This is where V-Tech Group come in, as we can solely manage your businesses UK exposure for you. With our market insights, huge network and proven methodologies, we are able to help your business navigate to the UK market with complete confidence.

V-Tech Group specialises in assisting worldwide businesses and brands in entering and thriving in the lucrative UK aftermarket. With our expertise, strategic approach and a thorough understanding of the UK business landscape.

we provide comprehensive solutions to ensure a successful launch and sustainable growth to our clients who are looking to expand their business and introduce their services/products in the UK.

We are unique in helping businesses to really reach their maximum potential in the UK. In fact, we exhibit at many well known, trending trade shows in the aftermarket to launch new brands and businesses to help with the promotion of the brands exposure and also their offering. Whilst also helping to build strong UK business relationships at shows like Automechanika – Birmingham, CV Show and much more

Events we launch your business at can include

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Helping you to achieve your business goals

Every business goal is to reach a key KPI number, whether that be a sales number, profit number, or turnover number.

In today’s business environment this is very much based on the methodology and approach on how to get that number.

Suppliers around the world simply look at individual businesses that they may come across and hope they do a good job for them and end up achieving the promised goal, without really knowing if they have the infrastructure, support and management ability to actually gain results. 

This is where we excel at V-Tech Group. We partner with you, working alongside your team to assist in supporting you to reach your business goals and making goals like this become a reality.

Why choose us?

There are many reasons why you should partner up with us. Here’s just a few

Fantastic UK network

We have a whole UK audience in the automotive industry ready and waiting to hear about your brand/business.

High success rate

We have worked with hundreds of businesses and have a proven track record for success in UK expansions.

Over 60 Years Group Experience

Over 60 Years Group Experience

Our team have over 60 years combined team experience in making your dream become a reality in the UK

Key Brands Within
V-Tech Group

UK Business Experts

Hassle Free UK Launch

We take full control of the businesses we launch into the UK, taking ownership of all operations involved

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